Discover the beauty of Palawan

Bring/buy sufficient stuff in advance .. When your sunscreen is almost finished, buy a new one in Puerto Princessa or in El Nido. The prices are higher in Port Barton because they have to transport everything here.

There is no electricity on the islands. We recommend that you fully charge the batteries the night before boarding the boat. Do not forget to pack a flashlight or a headlamp.

Do you want to be online in Port Barton? Then you have a problem. The Wifi in most accommodations do not work very well or are very slow. In this case we advise you to buy a SIM card from Globe or Smart, but it does not work in all places. Usually the range around 01.00 is the best for 4G connection, everyone uses the same mast and most of the time this is overloaded.

There are ATMs in Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido.
You must withdraw enough money to travel through Palawan, there is no ATM in Port Barton. If you want to withdraw more money at once, I advise you to go to BPI. You can record 20,000 Pesos at once. At other banks it is usually 10,000 Pesos.
There is no ATM in Port Barton so we recommend to bring enough money.

Health and Safety
If you book a tour through us, please let us know in advance when you have certain allergies / diet (s) so that we can take care of this.

Malaria & Dengue
For all information about mosquitoes with Dengue and Malaria, we recommend contacting the GGD in the Netherlands. They will provide the correct information about this.

If you get seasick quickly, take pills to prevent this. You can buy these in many stores or before you travel at the drugstore. If you have forgotten / can not find it, please let us know in advance so we can bring it.

Snorkeling and swimming
Swimming and snorkeling will be a big part of our tours. If you are not a strong swimmer, tell us and we will make sure that the guide takes care of you.

Snorkels and masks are present on all our boats. You can also bring your own equipment if you want. If you are an enthusiastic swimmer and are planning to spend a lot of time in the water, it’s a good idea to bring a long-sleeved rash guard to protect you from the strong tropical sun and annoying jellyfish stings.

Our menu is based on traditional Filipino dishes with fresh seafood, vegetables, fruit and rice. The seafood is first class, we buy our fish directly from the fisherman while we travel through the islands.
We provide an adapted meal for those who have allergies, let us know if you have allergies. Vegetarians and vegans will enjoy the many healthy dishes served on board. We do not cook by plate, but in a large Filipino style, so it will be difficult to separate the ingredients, only for those who do not like garlic or onions.

Are you going on the Island Camping tour? We advise you to take this with you:
– Cap, sunscreen, sunglasses
– Sarong (for everything to use, as a towel, t-shirt, sun protection)
– Towel
– Additional set of clothing and swimwear
– Mosquito repellent
– Sandals or water shoes
– Drybag
– Camera, good book, music player
– A traveler must always have a good travel insurance!

Recommended accommodation in Port Barton
– Elsa’s (located directly on the beach)
– Ausan (at the beach in a tree house)
– Rubin Resort (also has a swimming pool)
– Dragon house Dorm (a dorm)
– Summer homes (at the beach)
– Deep moon (at the beach)
– Or via AirBnB